Physical Fest Worksop: Devising with John Wright - Unity Theatre

Physical Fest Worksop: Devising with John Wright

Monday 4th — Wednesday 6th July

10am – 5pm

Unity Two

Part of Physical Fest Workshops 2022 


Who’s writing this anyway? 

This is an entirely practical course on devising or to be more accurate: collaborative writing. The conventional approach to devising is director led but there’s more for a director to learn in looking at group led devising. This is the most valuable areas of development. We’ll cover group led initiatives in: generating ideas, making choices, finding a structure and exploring the ways and means of staging those choices. Devising puts direction, a new light when there’s nothing to direct in the first place.  

John Wright is an award-winning international teacher and theatre-maker. He co-founded Trestle Theatre Company in 1980 and Told by an Idiot in 1993 & has worked on numerous productions and projects extending over three decades, as well as the books, Why Is That So Funny?: A Practical Exploration of Physical Comedy and Playing the Mask: Acting Without Bullshit. 



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