Scouse Pilgrimage - Unity Theatre

Monday 14th — Sunday 20th June

A Print & Digital Experience
Part of Unity’s Open Call Programme


About Scouse Pilgrimage:


Scouse Pilgrimage is a project challenged by Brexit.

What does immigration look like in Britain today?

Liverpool holds one of the largest and longest communities in Europe, but some communities are still unknown and are yet to be heard.

Scouse Pilgrimage is for anyone who is curious about their own Scouse journey, created to celebrate immigration and free movement between borders. Creator Amina Atiq will be sharing part of her journey to Liverpool.


There are two ways to get involved with Scouse Pilgrimage:


Postcard tour:


Tour the city using postcards that will take you on a journey through six Liverpool locations, all from Amina’s memories of Liverpool.

Postcards, stamps and stickers are available to collect from Unity between the 14th – 18th June 10am – 5pm or can be ordered online. The postcards are available with Arabic translation also.

Order your free, limited edition postcards here.


Video tour:

Amina will be posting a series of videos guiding you through her own Scouse Pilgrimage from Yemen to Liverpool. The first video is available below.

Join Amina on a guided tour as she recollects early memories of arriving from Yemen to  Liverpool.

Video 1:


Hear Amina discuss her inspiration for the project:



Design & illustration: BlueLemur
Subtitles: Brian Roberts
Translation: Shifa Askari