Stuffed - Unity Theatre


Thursday 17th — Saturday 19th November

Unity 1

In a country with more Food Banks than McDonalds, is there really such thing as a happy meal?

The country is burning, and as we fight fires we can’t help but feel that the petrol bombs are being thrown on purpose.

In partnership with Alphabetti and Unity, and inspired by personal testimony from Food Banks across the UK, Ugly Bucket’s brand new anarchic venture STUFFED will lead a revolution against the UK hunger crisis.


About Ugly Bucket:

Since founding in 2017, we at Ugly Bucket have strived to tackle taboo topics, in the most outrageous ways we can. We love to clash unconventional theatre methods to create bizzare, hilarious gut-punching shows. The Stage has described Ugly Bucket as a lurid, liberating, frenetic maelstrom of clowning, slapstick and techno.

When people are laughing, they’re also listening. We incorporate verbatim into our productions to tell honest, unheard stories. Our productions raise awareness, change perspectives, and unite audiences with the confidence and tools to discuss dysfunctional and taboo topics openly beyond the theatre.