The Battle of Wits - Unity Theatre

The Battle of Wits

Thursday 20th — Sunday 30th May

Online Production
Commissioned by Unity 

Part of Unity’s Open Call Programme


The Battle of Wits is a digital performance piece that explores the ways in which covid-19 has created a state of internal warfare, with different aspects of self either coming to the fore or fighting to be seen and heard.

Whilst Gold is a neurodiverse artist and this work refers to those who are neurodiverse/neurodivergent, this works also addresses how the minds of the general public have neurologically been challenged and either forced to change or submit to new ways of being for the better.

Music produced by Charles Jaiyeola.


The Reality Behind the Frivolity, Post Event Online Q&A – Thursday 20th May

Join Gold Maria Akanbi on May 20th for a free Q&A about her artistic process for ‘The Battle of the Wits’, creating performance work when isolating during Covid-19 and being in the art world as a disabled Black artist. Find out more.