The Nova Effect 2124

Wednesday 24th — Friday 26th July


100 years from now – what’s left?


“Don’t press that big red button!”

“I pressed the big red button.”

When Mr Peter’s science class accidentally travels 100 years into the future, they end up in a world where the line between human and robot is blurred. 

This tech world glitters with bright new gadgets and the class is buzzing to explore!

But between annoying AdBots, daily reports of extreme weather, and extinctions, something’s not quite right. 

Will the class make it home? Are robots and humans all that different? What does it even mean to be human?

Join 20 Stories High Youth Theatre for a funny, adrenaline-driven adventure with lots of live music, stunning projections, movement, and drama! Supported by Unity Theatre. 

Our Friday 26 July show will feature a Curtain Raiser from the boss young people from Deaf Active. Friday’s show will finish later as a result.

There will also be a Post-Show Party after Friday’s show!


Director & Writer:  Bradley Thompson

Producer: Nathan Powell 

Dramaturg: Keith Saha 

Video Design & Creative Captions: Sarah Readman

Music Support: Paislie Reid 

Movement Support: Eli Randle 

Lighting Design & Technician: Xenia Bayer 

Stage Manager: Jordan Barnes 

Youth & Access worker: Donna Coleman 

Pastoral Support Workers: Leonisha Barley & Catherine Ainsworth

Work Placement Student: Jess Cowie


Supported by the 20 Stories High and Unity Team.