The Storm Shepherd - Unity Theatre

The Storm Shepherd

Wednesday 21st — Wednesday 12th May

Written by Stuart Crowther with All Things Considered
Supported by Unity
£12 per pack (one adult and one child)


This is a story that will happen in your home, in your ears and in your imagination!

It’s about a kid like you called Scur but they have a really special job. In fact, they are the only one. Scur is a Storm Shepherd but today something is not quite right. Would you like to know what a Storm Shepherd does? Scur can show you and maybe, hopefully you can help!

The Storm Shepherd is an interactive, audio experience for a child 7+ and a grown-up which takes place in your own home. It works best on a rainy day.

You will need two devices that can play audio, two sets of headphones, a table and your imagination.

Funded by The Arts Council and in Association with Unity. Part of Unity’s Open Call Programme.


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Cast & Creatives 

Scur – Harrison Scott- Smith

Coro – Natasha Hale

Writer- Stuart Crowther

Director- Sarah Hogarth

Sound Design – Stephen Hull

Creative Producer- Emma Bramley

Pack Design – Lydia Denno

Assistant Production manager- Rhianna Swyer

About All Things Considered

All Things Considered Theatre creates socially engaged theatre that encourages immediate and important conversations between people through intimate, participatory and immersive performances. We invite our audiences to physically step into the world of our performances, to rub shoulders with the performers and each other. Our hope is that in this intimate space our audiences will feel closer to the stories we present and this will prompt them to reflect, connect, change and understand both personally and communally.