Touch - Unity Theatre

Saturday 18th June


Performed live at Unity

Presented by Flood Theatre

Part of Unity’s Open Call


There’s something very lovely about holding someone, their soul, their body warmth. I think it’s tribal…you just have this- I don’t know, a sense of home, I guess? It’s connection, isn’t it? I mean, it’s strange…We’re extensively connected to people all the time through technology, but it’s all fake. Really I think we’re probably more lonely than ever.


‘Touch’ is a piece of verbatim theatre created by Flood Theatre through a series of interviews on connection and belonging with young people in Liverpool. Following the pursuit of connection, ‘Touch’ looks at the ways we find love, create intimacy, experience loneliness, and ultimately find our home.



Creatives: Jessica Meade, Becky Downing, Liz Barker

Directed by: Jessica Meade

Written by: Becky Downing

Produced by: Liz Barker


We would like to thank Unity and everyone who donated to the Crowdfunder for enabling us to create this piece. We would also like to thank Paperwork Theatre for their teacup commission which contributed to Touch’s sister project ‘Have You Got A Minute?’, and enabled us to develop ‘Touch’ for Unity. We would also like to thank Gordon & Kirsten at Unity, Alex Ferguson at Homotopia and our mentor Ashleigh Owen for their support.


Watch Online

This film version will be available to purchase on Unity Online on Monday 1st August.