Us Four: A Festive Folk Night - Unity Theatre

Us Four: A Festive Folk Night

Thursday 16th December


Performed live at Unity

Presented by Limerance


Four of Liverpool’s local singer-songwriters collaborate for a performance at Unity.

Danny Bradley, Jenny Coyle (Limerance), Calum Gilligan (Limerance) and Thom Morecroft take the audience on a musical tour of their original work, their previous collaborations and their friendship together, creating a unique insight into their journeys as musicians and discovering new ways of working in an unusual world.

Featuring songs from their own original catalogues, music from Limerance as well as a few folk-y familiars, this evening promises some much-needed calm to end a chaotic year.



Danny Bradley

Jenny Coyle

Calum Gilligan

Thom Morecroft


Watch Online

This performance is also available to watch online, more information will be announced soon.