When Did You Stop Dancing?

When Did You Stop Dancing?

Fri 05 - Sat 06 October 2018

Autumn 2018 | Physical/New Theatre
Produced by What A Little Bird Told Me 

Rach wants to tell you a story. A true story. The story of the dancing Plague of 1518. A story of hundreds of of women dancing in the streets. And not stopping…

She wants to tell you that in 2018 everybody is welcome on our streets, she has great comebacks to cat calls and spends most of her time feeling safe. But she said she’d tell you the truth. She’ll do that instead. A relevant, engaging piece told with warmth, charm and integrity.

show details

Dates: Fri 5th & 6th October
Times: 6pm 
Running time: TBC
Prices: £10 (£8 Concessions)
Charges:  £1.50 postage

Venue: Unity Two

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