Who the f-k is shakespeare? - Unity Theatre

Who the f–k is shakespeare?

Thursday 30th November — Saturday 2nd December

7:30pm, 1:30pm

Friday’s performance of ‘Who the f–ck is shakespeare?’ will be a matinée beginning at 1:30pm


Directed by Ameera Conrad.

Written by Ameera Conrad and Shakespeare, with contributions from Leonisha Barley.


Lady Macbeth – murderous.

Cleopatra – conniving.

Viola – witty.

Katherine – difficult.

Ophelia – tragic.


The so-called ‘facts’ of their stories; stories steeped in racism, patriarchy, and violence. But the facts are untrue, these stories just won’t do.

These five characters have had enough. They’re breaking the paper ceiling of Shakespeare’s Complete Works to tell their own stories and repurpose old tales for the next generation.

Watch them blow the dust off the classics, tear out the pages, and stage a multi-art form political occupation of Shakespeare with punchy verses, punky attitudes, and whole lotta wit.


“We stand here now, to speak but for ourselves

Our lives will not be stories on your shelves.”


Get with it, or get the f–k out the way.



who the f—k is shakespeare? is a showcase of local talent created and directed by 20 Stories High Associate Artistic Director, Ameera Conrad. The showcase is the culmination of Actor’s Lab, a programme designed to train, develop, and promote the next generation of professional working class, culturally diverse, Deaf/Disabled and neurodivergent Actors in Merseyside.

Leonisha Barley
Claire Beerjeraz
Molly Hannah
Marcy Rick
Mary Savage


Director – Ameera Conrad
Writer – Ameera Conrad, William Shakespeare
Contributor – Leonisha Barley
Producer – Natasha Patel
Lighting Designer – Xenia Bayer

Content Warnings:

Loud noises, haze, and fake weapons. Discussions around gender, violence, patricide, suicide, war, murder, racism, patriarchy, I mean, listen, it’s Shakespeare. It will also be funny, light, and just a bit tongue-in-cheek.

(Age Guidance 14+)


Supported by LAMDA and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Funded by Arts CouncilEngland, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, John Ellerman Foundation, Garrick Trust, and Liverpool CityCouncil.