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Working alongside professional theatre companies, performers and practitioners, Unity Youth Theatre members gain valuable experience in the performing arts, developing a wide variety of skills to create original performances on unity's stages.

UYT meet on Mondays at Unity Theatre 6pm-8.30pm. It’s open to all young people from the age’s 14-18 years.

Unity Youth Theatre was founded in 2004 by Helen Flooks and has supported the creative development of young people through performing arts consistently since then. 2019 brings an exciting new horizon for young theatre makers at Unity Theatre… watch this space!



In July Unity Youth Theatre performed their new play, The Uncomfortability of a Made Up Wor(l)d.

Developed from the devising process, the piece was an opportunity for the young people to share their thoughts and fears on the growing influence of technology as a tool for political and social control and our response to this as a society. For audiences, it was a chance to plunge into a bold new world, explore some of the most interesting issues facing us today with the young people, for whom technology is a way of life.

In March UYT worked with Alice Bunker-Whitney, writing and performing a series of original monologues inspired by themes associated with her one woman show Place and Chips.


UYT performed in The Halloween Lantern Parade howling through the streets performing as Wolves and drifting through the crowds as illuminated Toadstools.

As part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival in October, UYT performed Umbrelephant (first performed back in 2015) devised by and co-written with Tracy Aston. Set in a therapy session, the piece explores mental health and young people’s wellbeing.

In July, UYT’s production Borned premiered at Unity Theatre and looked at gender, language and finding common ground. The self-devised show was written with award winning playwright and screenwriter Esther Wilson (Ten Tiny Toes, Unprotected, The Street and Accused).

Audience feedback for Borned: “Very creative and fascinating”, “Brilliant, very funny and moving”, “So playful, had me laughing out loud”, “Brilliant! An exact example of simplicity being king".


In December, as part of a series of performances and events in The Dark Dark Wood, UYT presented a special Christmas performance which was again written with Esther Wilson. Once There Were Trees explored loneliness and was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the bible, Viz, Carl Sagan, The Beatles White album, Prince, The Anglican Cathedral Gardens, Night Of The Hunter, 80’s Music Scene, Red Riding Hood, absurdism and the courage of the original thinkers of Unity Youth Theatre.

Then, Now and Neon Lights premiered at Unity Theatre on Saturday 25th June 2016. A devised promenade piece, it presented an extravaganza of stories, music and happenings inspired by the style of work created as part of Merseyside Left Theatre; responding to the current political landscape, while zooming forward and asking “what does the future hold?” 

Read Liverpool Arts Scene's ★★★★ review of the show here.


UYT is open to all young people from the age’s 14-18 years.

At the moment we have a waiting list for places, however we are interested in hearing from young people interested in a wide range of theatre arts!

For general enquiries please contact Louise or Laura: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0151 709 6502

"Since becoming a member of UYT I have gained friends and confidence – it makes my Monday not feel like Monday anymore” Alex (16yrs)
“Before UYT I was scared to meet new people – now I’ve joined 2 or 3 clubs because I’ve realised I can actually talk to other people” Hattie (16yrs)
“UYT means being part of a small community with similar interests and aspirations creating a sense of comfort and security” Annie (17yrs)
“As soon as I joined UYT I started enjoying it more than my other drama  classes at school. I’ve made friends for life and have become increasingly confident throughout the years” Chloe (17yrs)