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Working alongside professional theatre companies, performers and practitioners, unityyouththeatre members gain valuable experience in the performing arts, developing a wide variety of skills to create original performances on unity's stages.

UYT meet on Mondays at unitytheatre 6pm-8.30pm. It’s open to all young people from the age’s 14-18 years.
We were successful in our application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for Young Roots Delivery for our recent project Stories From The Sea.
The £28,200 grant enabled unityyouththeatre to work on a 2 year project inspired by Liverpool's history and heritage.
They researched Liverpool's history from the 1950s to the present day and examined the influence of the Cunard Line and the docks on the lives of local people. What they created was an inspirational piece of work created by and for young people exploring perceptions of Liverpool and its future.


Production and Project History:


UYT performed in The Halloween Lantern Parade howling through the streets performing as Wolves and drifting through the crowds as illuminated Toadstools.

As part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival in October, UYT performed Umbrelephant (first performed back in 2015) devised by and co-written with Tracy Aston. Set in a therapy session, the piece explores mental health and young people’s wellbeing.

In July, UYT’s production Borned premiered at Unity Theatre and looked at gender, language and finding common ground. The self-devised show was written with award winning playwright and screenwriter Esther Wilson (Ten Tiny Toes, Unprotected, The Street and Accused).

Audience feedback for Borned: “Very creative and fascinating”, “Brilliant, very funny and moving”, “So playful, had me laughing out loud”, “Brilliant! An exact example of simplicity being king".


In December, as part of a series of performances and events in The Dark Dark Wood, UYT presented a special Christmas performance which was again written with Esther Wilson. Once There Were Trees explored loneliness and was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the bible, Viz, Carl Sagan, The Beatles White album, Prince, The Anglican Cathedral Gardens, Night Of The Hunter, 80’s Music Scene, Red Riding Hood, absurdism and the courage of the original thinkers of Unity Youth Theatre.

Then, Now and Neon Lights premiered at Unity Theatre on Saturday 25th June 2016. A devised promenade piece, it presented an extravaganza of stories, music and happenings inspired by the style of work created as part of Merseyside Left Theatre; responding to the current political landscape, while zooming forward and asking “what does the future hold?” 

Read Liverpool Arts Scene's ★★★★ review of the show here.


In December A Very Merry Showcase was Unity Youth Theatre's alternative evening of Christmas entertainment and fun showcasing a mixture of original music, theatre and dance inspired by all things Christmas.

Overspill was Unity Youth Theatre’s response to Anders Lustgarten’s Lampedusa., directed & co-written by Joe Ward Munrow, and part of a programme of mini performances and workshops in September.

With Umbrelephant in July, Unity Youth Theatre looked at issues of mental health and young people's health and wellbeing.


Stories From The Sea premiered at unitytheatre on 1 - 2 Aug 2014 to sell out audiences.

Afrovibes 27th-31st October 
- UYT performed a fantastic version of the popular South African song Ngiqome KwaZulu. at the launch of Afrovibes Festival at The Black-E. 
The evening was brilliant and saw UYT share the stage with the Black-e Youth Circus and Merseyside Youth Association Youth Choir, while parents, friends and colleagues watched in the audience, in addition to this free Congolese food was served
UYT also performed the song as a curtain raiser for the performance of Rainbow Scars in Unity Theatre Bar.

Saturday 8th November
- UYT & YEP showcase. Joan Frood memorial
- UYT and YEP were invited to perform as part of a memorial evening for Joan Frood organised by her son Malcolm Frood. The Frood family have a long association with Unity Theatre.
The evening was a mixture of Theatre and music and saw members of both Youth Theatres performing a diverse mixture of classic and contemporary pieces alongside short original pieces written by the Young people.
UYT would like to thank Malcolm for giving them the opportunity to perform on this special evening  

- Shared a selection of the work they have created for their forthcoming production Stories From the Sea. The evening gave the audience the opportunity to offer feedback and share any memories in an informal Q&A session, audience members included local people, parents, friends and colleagues who have shared their stories with UYT. 

The project began in 2012 and culminated in a production which premiered at Unity Theatre on 1st & 2nd August 2014. The production contributed to the programme of the city-wide events planned for Flux, a young people's arts festival which took place 19 July-2 August 2014.


- Site-specific performance Stories From The Seabased around the Liverpool Docklands, the people who worked there and how life was shaped by our City's seafaring heritage.Scenes were performed at the Albert Dock, starting outside the Pier Master’s House and finishing at the Liverpool Maritime Museum.
- Created an amazing evening of theatre, film, poetry, dance and music showcasing their unique talents. The night was made possible by money raised in 2012 by Phil Saunders, technical Manager at Unity, who completed a coast to coast sponsored bike ride of the UK.


- 'Uprising' Film/Performance project. A six month research project into the social and political context of the Toxteth uprising of 1981
- At the Olympic Torch Relay event on 1st June, UYT performed sporadic street theatre on the corner of Hope Street and Hope place
- Merseyside Youth Theatre Forum's  'BIG EVENT' Birkenhead in July 2012, UYT performed and took part in workshops
- Involved in performing readings for a Heritage family activity during Late Night at The Bluecoat. The audience were led into the 18th and 19th century to investigate the Bluecoats archival display
- UYT participated in a digital film making project with Toxteth TV participating in 5 days of scriptwriting, acting and filming. The project examined 'girls and gangs'.
- The group volunteered for the BE Festival held at unitytheatre and performed in Liverpool Lantern Company’s Halloween Lantern Parade in Sefton Park.


Dark Side of the Unity, an edgy, alternative mythology on the history of unity's historical building.
·  As part of the Clapperboard presents ceremony held in September at unitytheatre, UYT were thrilled to have received the 'Alison Steadman award for active citizenship', an award given to film groups who develop community activities to inform and educate. The award was presented to them by Andrew Lancel (unitytheatre Patron)


- Our Generation, a piece based around 30 stories about life in contemporary Britain as a teenager


UYTV sketches and solo performances based on our nation's obsession for reality television


- UYT founder Helen Flooks passed away in February. To honour her, Times Like These was performed by unityyouththeatre in the Capital of Culture year>
Play for Time, a short film which premiered at unity in Spring 2009. Entirely written, designed and story-boarded by the members themselves, storyline is based on a youth theatre that faces closure in the light of property redevelopment and funding cuts


Times Like These focused on youth, popular culture and social history from the 1950's Liverpool to the present day


- Performed reworked extracts from the play as part of the Liverpool Children's Festival and Liverpool World Museum

History in the Making explored the political origins of the unity and left theatre movements, an insightful and touching piece of drama


- Unity Youth Theatre founded by Helen Flooks, assisted by Bianca Judd



UYT is open to all young people from the age’s 14-18 years.

At the moment we have a waiting list for places, however we are interested in hearing from young people interested in a wide range of theatre arts!

For general enquiries please contact Louise or Laura: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0151 709 6502

"Since becoming a member of UYT I have gained friends and confidence – it makes my Monday not feel like Monday anymore” Alex (16yrs)
“Before UYT I was scared to meet new people – now I’ve joined 2 or 3 clubs because I’ve realised I can actually talk to other people” Hattie (16yrs)
“UYT means being part of a small community with similar interests and aspirations creating a sense of comfort and security” Annie (17yrs)
“As soon as I joined UYT I started enjoying it more than my other drama  classes at school. I’ve made friends for life and have become increasingly confident throughout the years” Chloe (17yrs)