Vice Versa Trailer - Unity Theatre

Vice Versa Trailer

Watch Above: Vice Versa Trailer

A vibrant show where performance-art meets theatre to explore the journey of how a young woman goes from being a passive civilian in a totalitarian, dystopian and android-like world to becoming an active voice for change and finding freedom.

This one-woman show is majestically combined with 3D sound-design, stunning visuals and physical/verbal story telling.

Dorcas was awarded an ‘R&D Commission’ in 2018 and a ‘Make Commission’ in 2019 as part of Eclipse Theatre’s Slate: Black. Arts. World project (2017 – 19).


Commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and HOME as part of the Slate: Black. Arts. World project in 2018/19, with development support from Unity Theatre.



Vice Versa is on at Unity from Fri 8 July. Book for Vice Versa at Unity here.