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Welcome to Unity Online, the home of Unity’s Digital Programme.

In 2021, Unity committed to making nearly-all of it’s live theatre and events programme also available to watch online, with over 2000 people choosing to watch from home.

From January 2022, we’re continuing that commitment and making it even easier for you to access the artists and productions you love, by enhancing Unity Online with a brand-new, affordable On-Demand platform.


What will I be able to watch on Unity Online?

Professional films and recordings of our live theatre and events programme

Training and Q&A sessions as part of our talent development programme

Specially-commissioned digital work

Our brand-new Round Table series, discussing key talking points from across the city and industry

Behind-the-scenes interviews and exclusive content from the artists featured in our season


Scroll down to find out more about the current online programme and more information about how you can access our digital work.

Our current online theatre programme can be found here.



Unity On-Demand

Can’t make it to our venue? From 2021 onwards Unity Online will also become a second home to our live theatre programme.

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No One Way Season One

We know that a career in the arts can still only seem a sustainable option for a certain kind of person. We pulled together a group of writers, producers, directors, performers, and industry professionals to share their career journeys, in the hope of debunking some myths of what the stereotypical ‘arts professional’ looks like.

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What Now? An Artist Interview Series

In September 2020, in an empty auditorium, Unity spoke with fifteen Liverpool-based creatives about freelancing in a pandemic, the future of the arts industry, making work in a post-pandemic world, and what the word unity means to them.

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