STUFFED - Unity Theatre


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By Ugly Bucket

Available to watch until August 2023

Filmed live at Unity Theatre


This is a show about Food Banks. This is not a show about food. This is a show about everything and everyone. This is a rally. This is an emergency. This is a clowning show.


In one of the richest countries in the world, millions of people are starving, and as organisations, volunteers and donors fight fires every day, one looming question hangs in the smoke filled air. Are petrol bombs being thrown on purpose?


The multi award winning Ugly Bucket return with their most ambitious show yet. An inferno of physicality, thumping live music and personal testimony.


How to Watch:

STUFFED will be available to watch on Unity Online until August 2023.

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About Ugly Bucket Theatre:

Since founding in 2017, we at Ugly Bucket have strived to tackle taboo topics, in the most outrageous ways we can. We love to clash unconventional theatre methods to create bizarre, hilarious gut-punching shows. The Stage has described Ugly Bucket as a lurid, liberating, frenetic maelstrom of clowning, slapstick and techno.

When people are laughing, they’re also listening. We incorporate verbatim into our productions to tell honest, unheard stories. Our productions raise awareness, change perspectives, and unite audiences with the confidence and tools to discuss dysfunctional and taboo topics openly beyond the theatre.

Instagram account : Ugly Bucket Theatre (@uglybuckettheatre) on Instagram

Website : Ugly Bucket Theatret