Hires & Partnerships - Unity Theatre

By choosing to use Unity’s space you are directly helping us to create and maintain a space for artists and creatives to thrive and grow.

With Unity Circle, the contribution made by businesses and organisations using the Unity space is able to be put back into resources for Liverpool artists and help them flourish.


What could you use Unity for?

Meetings & Corporate Use:

Unity’s varied spaces provide a number of great options if you’re keen to impress a client or if you’re looking to take the team out of the office to a new and refreshing setting. As well as that it is the ideal space for workshops, presentations and staff days out with one of the three spaces sure to fit your needs. Find out more about the spaces and available price packages below.


Hiring The Bar:

The Unity Bar is the perfect space for an away day, informal get together or workshop. With delightful floor to ceiling windows along the entire south-facing wall, it is truly a place of inspiration. The space feels breathable and light with a lovely panoramic view onto Hope Place. From formal dos to relaxed drinks to daytime meet-ups the Unity Bar, with its stunning exhibitions on one wall, in built hi fi system and convenient location is the perfect place.



Unity Theatre is well-established as a brilliant and reliable rehearsal space. With regular users like LIPA and many more, Unity is an ideal place to bring groups both big and small to develop new ideas and practice old ones.



Finally of course, the stage is yours at Unity with our brilliant theatre spaces:

Our Spaces?

Unity 1 is our lovely 140 capacity theatre space. Over the years it has been host to some absolutely stunning productions in all shapes and sizes. There have been huge touring shows, all the way to far smaller local productions and all are equally special to Unity. We are always keen to work with new companies and artists and if you think


Unity 2 is our upstairs venue and rehearsal space, Unity 2 is perfect for various performance types, styles and genres; the varied and adaptable space is an ideal venue to get creative. Suitable for various performances with collapsable seating to alter the capacity and space, for example if a production required an in-the-round arrangement.


The Bar is also an ideal place to host your performance if you want a smaller, more intimate feel to your work. This has been great in recent months for acoustic sets and


Our Packages:

To enquire about our packages and pricing for any of these available spaces, please contact juliefilain@unitytheatre.co.uk with any details and requirements.


Who else have we worked with?

We have been honoured to work with some brilliant organisations who continue to use Unity’s space. It is continually a pleasure to play a role in these organisations and be able to contribute to their development by providing space for them to feel inspired.

Some of these great organisations include:

  • LMA
  • LIPA
  • LJMU
  • Andrew Collinge
  • Blackburne House



Unity wouldn’t be the organisation it is today without the local and national partners that make up its network of creativity and innovation.

We are proudly partnered with a number of inspiring organisations like Homotopia and DaDa Fest as a venue for their annual festivals as well as long-term collaboration wherever possible. We are always searching to add to this roster.


What do we do and where could you get involved?

Unity is host to all kinds of projects and new ideas like our talent development programme, Creative’Pool or our brand-new programming platform ProPortal. We are always looking for new creative directions to take and for artistic partnerships to make that happen. If you think your organisation would be a good fit with Unity then get in touch with us at artists@unitytheatre.co.uk.


Fresh ideas are always welcome

Partnership by no means has to be for any of these projects that are pre-established, and Unity led. If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us then don’t hesitate to share it with us. That could involve anything from artistic consultancy to use of Unity’s space, to a joint online campaign. There are thousands of ways to partner and we are excited to see what we could create together.

Partnerships don’t have to be long-term or large-scale. We value all the people and organisations we work with from decade-spanning collaboration to a single event; both are special and give Unity the identity that we are so proud of. If you think you could be one of Unity’s future partnerships then get in touch with us and see what that future could be.

Some of our Current Partners


Our partnership with Homotopia is one that we are truly proud of and one of our longest lasting. Our partnership has always been amazing and varied and never fails to push Unity to be a better organisation, always teaching each-other and helping us to grow. The partnership ranges from the brilliant events they host in Unity’s space, to workshops we run together as part of Unity’s Creative’Pool programme or the annual Homotopia lead exhibition in Unity’s bar space.

Our partnership really shows how varied your partnership with Unity can be so if there is an idea of something you aren’t quite sure if we would be interested in then don’t hesitate to get in touch


92 Degrees Coffee

Partnerships with Unity don’t have to be just arts related. We love having local coffee from 92 degreed in our cafe, not just because it’s delicious but because it speaks to our values of collaboration and supporting local producers and businesses.


DaDa Fest

Long-term partners and friends DaDa are a true pleasure for Unity to work with and host. They continue to lead by example in so many respects and through this partnership Unity as an organisation have learnt so much. We can’t wait to see where this partnership continues to develop and the amazing work DaDa will bring to Unity in the future.


Physical Fest  

Unity are honoured to host Physical Fest from Tmesis Theatre. The originality and quality of the work brought to Unity throughout Physical Fest workshops and events is a constant source of inspiration to our team and those in attendance. We can’t wait to see what they bring this year with their amazing array of workshops, all of which can be found here.