Partnerships - Unity Theatre

Unity is always looking for new organisations to collaborate and work with


Unity wouldn’t be the organisation it is today without the local and national partners that make up its network of creativity and innovation.

We are proudly partnered with a number of inspiring organisations like Homotopia and DaDa Fest as a venue for their annual festivals as well as long-term collaboration wherever possible. We are always searching to add to this roster.


What do we do and where could you get involved?

Unity is host to all kinds of projects and new ideas like our talent development programme, Creative’Pool or our brand-new programming platform ProPortal. We are always looking for new creative directions to take and for artistic partnerships to make that happen. If you think your organisation would be a good fit with Unity then get in touch with us at

Fresh ideas are always welcome

Partnership by no means has to be for any of these projects that are pre-established, and Unity led. If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us then don’t hesitate to share it with us. That could involve anything from artistic consultancy to use of Unity’s space, to a joint online campaign. There are thousands of ways to partner and we are excited to see what we could create together.

Partnerships don’t have to be long-term or large-scale. We value all the people and organisations we work with from decade-spanning collaboration to a single event; both are special and give Unity the identity that we are so proud of. If you think you could be one of Unity’s future partnerships then get in touch with us and see what that future could be.