Scott Fulton

Scott Fulton

Scott is the Unity's Digital Officer.
Check out AD Matthew Linley chatting with The Guide Liverpool about our impending refurbishment - and what you can expect from your new look Unity!
Check out our new autumn season brochure!  Lot's of truly remarkable productions to look forward to including three Unity commissions, two major festivals and the arrival of a Beast... not to mention this year's hotly anticipated Christmas Show!
Avoiding the Summer sportfest this year? Footie fatigued, worn down by Wimbledon or just so over the Olympics already? Why don’t you go and do something less boring instead then? Here's a few ideas...
This Sunday 15 May the Pentecost Pageant takes over Hope Street, with a host of events and performances alongside the procession between the two cathedrals.  Matthew Linley talks about what to expect, and what celebrations like this mean to cities and their people around the world.

A new exhibition of paintings and digital illustrations by Mark Harrison at Unity Theatre from 10 May - 25 Jun.

Internationally acclaimed visual artist Vlatka Horvat talks about creating the world of  'The Possible Impossible House'  (Fri 8 - Sat 9 Apr) 

Forced Entertainment - makers of 'The Possible Impossible House'  (Fri 8 Sat 9 Apr) -  have just won the prestigious International Ibsen Award!

Actor and writer Aizzah Fatima speaks out about her show 'Dirty Pakistani Lingerie'

Puppet Designer and Director of The Wrong Crowd Rachael Canning speaks about new show 'KITE'

Co-writers/co-directors Sue Buckmaster & Keith Saha chat about creating The Broken Beat Collecitve.
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