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Sophe Jones Daives
My name is Sophie and I am the Volunteer Coordinator and a member of the Events Team at the Unity Theatre.

In addition to this, I am a freelance Theatre Designer and Visual Artist and I design and make sets, costumes, backdrops and props for theatre productions and events. Working within both realms of the theatre has assisted my practice and has provided a great source of inspiration.

I am currently the designer of an upcoming theatre production titled The Silence Between Us, which is, coincidentally, taking place at The Unity Theatre. The Silence Between Us is set during World War 2 and explores the impact of the war on the soldiers and their families at home. My design is to represent the war and its surroundings through total immersion; the smells, the materials and the visual bleakness that consumed the army camps as well as the streets at home are my main source of inspiration. This design choice intends to create a connection between the characters at war and those at home, with both locations mirroring the same ‘world’; that being the world created on stage. The design will, as such, immerse both the characters and the audience into this world.

Working at the Unity Theatre and witnessing a myriad of theatrical performances has certainly inspired me over the past four years. It could perhaps be suggested that working at the Unity throughout my Theatre Studies degree assisted in creating a passion for design and influenced my choice to explore this route further. The Unity is known for its off-the-ground and imaginative performances, which, unmistakably, brings some magnificent design. Such productions have most certainly inspired my own design practice, including that for The Silence Between Us. As such, I would suggest that my design for this performance compliments the Unity’s craft-like feel and non-conformist qualities. Being a member of the team at the Unity has offered many opportunities to network and liaise with like-minded people – whether this be colleagues or visitors – as well as the excellent experience of being co-designer of the front of house areas for the Unity’s 2017 Christmas Show, The Jungle Book.

I conclude that the Unity Theatre has certainly assisted my practice as a designer and has played a significant role in shaping me as an artist and without it I may not be designing performances like The Silence Between Us. Further to this, designing a performance within a venue that has been a second home for the best part of four years is proving to be a particularly pleasant task.

The Silence Between Us is taking place Thurs 19th – Sat 21st July and you can book your tickets at
or by calling the Box Office on: 0151 709 4988.
Alternatively, you can come to our Box Office on 1 Hope Place L1 9BG.

Scott Fulton

Scott is the Unity's Digital Officer.